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Fresh Marijuana Flowers Including Sativa and Indica

Weed in a Jar

Trust only Healthy Education Society in Albuquerque, New Mexico, for blossoming and organically grown marijuana flowers. We have both Sativa and Indica and a lot of hybrids as well. 

Big Buds

A good number of our customers like our cannabis flowers because of their big buds. To ensure we have these big buds in stock, we don't use a lot of trimming machines.

Farms and Producers
At Healthy Education Society, we get our products from a variety of farms and producers of marijuana flowers. When choosing a grower, we consider the products' potency and the area where it's grown.

Pricing Details
Purchase our cannabis flowers at truly affordable rates. Pricing starts at $10 per gram. We give a 10% discount to our veterans.

Strain Content Bud Price
OG-OG Sativa 27% $14
Sour Deisel Sativa 26% $14
White Berry Sativa 22% $14
Hawaiian Truth Sativa 20% $13
Blue Dream Indica 23% $13
Rick Motivation 50/50 Hybrid 19% $12
Ken OG Indica 19% $12
Alien Truth Indica 18% $12
AK47 Sativa CBD10% $8

Contact us in Albuquerque, New Mexico, to buy our precious marijuana flowers which include Sativa and Indica.